Roofing Quotes

Tips on How to Evaluate Roofing Quotes

Whereas there is nothing absolutely wrong with receiving low roofing quotes, it is important to stress that low roofing estimates could be a sign of poor workmanship. When the price is too low, the roofer won’t be able to pay an experienced and skilled worker to undertake the job and have enough money to buy quality materials. Prior to accepting a curiously low roofing estimate, make certain that you have verified the following details:

1. Licensing and Registration

In order to contest for available job offers with roofing companies that are licensed and registered, roofers who do not have licenses tend to charge extremely low prices for their services. Unfortunately, such services are not worth the amount you are paying for. A licensed and registered roofing contractor is an indication that company has met the requirements set by the state in addition to being certified by a professional body. A roofer that is not licensed may lack the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish roofing repairs, replacement and installation.

2. Is the Price Estimate Final?

There are roofing contractors who provide prospective clients with extremely low prices only for them to inflate the cost after the completion of the project. This type of practice is commonly referred to as bait-and-switch. A roofing company that employs this kind of tactic lacks the credentials needed to compete with reputable roofing companies. Prior to signing an agreement, make certain that the price estimate is final and there won’t be changes to it after the project is done.

3. Does the Price Estimate Entail Removal of Materials?

Roofing quotes from reputable roofing contractors ought to include the cost of labor, materials as well as the elimination and discarding of previous roofing materials. For example, if you are hiring a roofer to replace a huge roof, you need to make sure that the roofing estimate includes the outlay of taking off old panels plus shingles. If such details are not included in the quote, you may end up paying more for the job.

4. How much is the Cost of Labor?

If the cost of labor is bizarrely low, you need to be concerned. A number of roofing contractors tend to take short-cuts by recruiting unskilled and amateurish workers. If this is the case, rest assured that the work will not be done to your satisfaction especially if it is a complex roofing job. Even though roofing work can be mastered in a relatively short time frame, experience, training and skills are crucial when undertaking certain projects. Therefore, only opt for certified, experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractors if your intention is to replace or install a new roof. While you may end up paying more, it is a worthwhile investment.

As pointed out earlier, if a prospective roofing company provides you with a remarkably low price estimate, there could be something that they are trying to prevent you from uncovering, for example, lack of license and insurance. If the price is too good to be true, do a due diligence. Regardless of how urgent the roofing work may be, spend some time doing a little bit of research.